What Is It

Our manhunt is based off of a popular series by the Youtuber Dream. 1 Player will attempt to beat the game by defeating the ender dragon as quickly as possible, while other players are trying to stop them from doing so!

How To Play

Join the queue with the compass in your hotbar, and once your group is warped into the game, 1 player will be chosen as the Speedrunner. You must gather items and tools, and if your a Hunter, you must kill the Speedrunner.


If the original game is too slow, spice it up with modifiers! There are many options, to give you powerful gear on spawn, or potion effects to help you win!

Private Games (Coming Soon)

Private games allow your party to play together without strangers, and unlock custom modifiers! There are tons of settings you can adjust to make the game perfect for you!


We keep track of many statistics about you game, one of those being time. As a Speedrunner, the time it takes from the game start to the dragons death is recorded, and as a Hunter the time it takes your team to kill the Speedrunner is also recorded. You can view your best time as well as the top times of everyone, and compete for 1st place!