Server Rules


Our goal is to create an open, free community where members don't feel restricted, although we still need to keep the community safe. Generally just be kind to others and don't do something that could make another player unhappy.

Specific Rules


Please keep all conversations respectful and generally just be nice.

Absolutely no NSFW, hate speech, racism, homophobia, or anything illegal.

Minor infrequent swearing is usually tolerable but may result in a warning and generally avoid anything directed or unnecessary.

Self-promotion or advertising for other groups is strictly prohibited. This includes names, links, or other ways of advertising.


Hacking of any kind is prohibited. Common alternative mods/clients are acceptable such as Optifine, Badlion, or Lunar. You may use minor modifications to help you in creative but nothing that causing harm to the server or other players.

Using exploits or workarounds to bypass protected areas of the server or other players' builds is not allowed.

Autoclickers or bots used to progress when an actual player is away are strictly prohibited.


Building any inappropriate symbols or lag machines is not allowed in any gamemodes.

Use of dupe exploits or other related actions that could negatively affect the game or its economy is prohibited.

You must be at least 13 years of age to join and participate in the Discord server. Also please ensure your following Discord's TOS.