Towny Survival! The claim system based off of real life Towns, Nations, and more! Upgrade your town, expand territories, and occasionally get into a war with neighboring empires!


Towny System

Create and invite friends to your town, sell plots, start wars, get money, and more!

Player Shops

Setup your own automated shops to collect money while your away!


Our shop sells a variety of important items from essentials to decoration blocks.

QOL Commands

/tpa, /home, /spawn, and many other useful commands are at your disposal!

Jobs System

Every task in Minecraft has a job! Mine ores, level up your job, get paid!

Mineable Spawners

You can place down and pick up purchased spawners to make insane mobs farms!

Auction House

Players can even sell their own items on the AH and profit.

Unique Terrain

Our Survival overworld features completely unique terrain! From deep pores to insane mountains!